Liquidity Mining & Staking

The liquidity mining program fairly distributes $THL across the Thalon community and decentralizes the holders of the governance token. In order to provide users easy access to $THL, holders are incentivized to become liquidity providers and stake their digital asset pairs (e.g. $ETH/$THL). By providing liquidity to the market and helping promote the distribution of $THL, stakers will be rewarded with more $THL relative to their contribution.

Liquidity Mining

  • 20% of the total supply is used for staking rewards over the first five years.

  • $THL rewards will be vested over the first year OR can be claimed prior as $sTHL (synthetic $THL) which can be used for the land sale or any marketplace purchase.

  • For every $sTHL that is claimed and brought into circulation, the equivalent $THL will be burned in order to maintain the 1 billion total token supply.

  • While $THL is staked, the rewards will compound.

  • Core pools include $THL and $ETH/$THL

  • Locking of tokens is directly weighted with rewards, depending on the time frame chosen:

    • 0 Months - not locking your tokens gives you a weighted score of 1 6 Months - locking your tokens for 6 months gives you a weighted score of 1.5 12 Months - locking your tokens for 12 months gives you a weighted score of 2

Example: Person A - 0-month lockup - weighted score of 1 Person B - 6-month lockup - weighted score of 1.5 Person C - 12-month lockup - weighted score of 2 After 12 months:

Person A receives 10,000 THL tokens Person B receives 15,000 THL tokens Person C receives 20,000 THL tokens

Person C, with a weighted score of 2, received twice as many token rewards as Person A. This is because they committed to staking for a longer time period and were rewarded accordingly.

Staking Land

  • Staking land qualifies players to receive additional revenue distribution.

  • Land must be staked for a minimum of 1 month in order to receive revenue distribution.

  • Land can still be upgraded while staked.

  • Both staked & un-staked land can host matches.

Staking Wormhole & Avatar

  • Staking a Wormhole - Founders Collection or a Genesis Avatar will provide a percentage bonus on the holders $THL token staking yield.

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