Revenue Distribution

Revenue Distribution plays a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of Thalon's economy. To develop a self-sustainable, closed-loop economy, all the network fees/revenue, transaction fees, transfer fees, etc collected in $ETH, will be re-distributed as incentives for active contributors interacting within the ecosystem. Distributing $THL in this manner ensures that the governance token will be distributed primarily to key network contributors and allow them to have a say in protocol parameters.

Percentage Split

80% of the $ETH revenue the Thalon Vault receives is used to purchase $THL off the open market and redistributed to the token and land stakeholders.

20% is directly used to fund the ongoing development of the Thalon ecosystem, including but not limited to staff hiring, infrastructure, marketing, tournament prize pools and more.

The split of revenue distribution may be adjusted in the future and will be reviewed by the DAO annually.

Weighted Score

Revenue distribution is based on the proportional weighted $THL value of a stakers position. A holder who stakes their $THL or land for a longer period will receive increased revenue weighting.

0 Months - not locking tokens will give a weighted score of 1 6 Months - locking tokens for 6 months will give a weighted score of 1.5 12 Months - locking tokens for 12 months will give a weighted score of 2


500,000 THL tokens bought off the open market Person A - 0 month lockup - weighted score 1 - 5,000 THL staked Person B - 12 month lockup - weighted score 2 - 5,000 THL staked Person A receives 1% (5,000) of the total revenue distribution (5,000 is 1% of 500,000) Person B receives 2% (10,000) of the total revenue distribution (5,000 is 1% of 500,000 x weighted score of 2 = 10,000) Person B, with a weighted score of 2, is rewarded with double the revenue distribution as Person A, having committed to locking their tokens longer.

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