The pre-seed raise completed in April 2022 was used to build the project's foundation. This allowed the team to attract its founding contributors and partners, complete Thalon RTS demo, complete the cinematic trailer, begin NFT avatar and low-level marketing campaigns. Pre-seed investors were offered 65 million tokens and as they have taken the highest risk, they received the lowest price. Pre-seed investors have a 12-month lockup with a 12-month vesting period.


The seed round will be complete in December 2022 and will be used for the expansion and growth of Thalon. Funds will be used mainly on new team hires including artists and developers. Seed investors will be offered 100m tokens and will have a 12-month lockup with a 12-month vesting period.


Date & Price - TBC

Team/ Advisors

185 million tokens have been allocated for team members and project advisors. Each team member has a small piece of equity in the project, allowing for an extra financial incentive and motivation for success. Advisors were selected to ensure an extra set of experienced eyes oversee the project's plans and strategies. The team and advisors have a 12-month lockup with a 24-month vesting period.

DAO Treasury

125 million tokens are allocated for the DAO treasury, to be used for any purpose beneficial to the growth and success of Thalon, such as marketing, increasing in-game rewards, allocating more tokens for new team members in the future and more. The tokens held in the treasury must be voted on by the DAO prior to any allocation of spending.

Liquidity Mining

Date - TBC

In Game rewards

Date - TBC

Pre-Seed, Seed, Team/ Advisor, DAO Treasury tokens do not qualify for liquidity mining, which is restricted to public tokens only.

Lockup begins on the date of TGE.

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