TLDR Game Overview

The first title in the trilogy of Thalon is a classic real-time strategy (RTS) game, where players battle for Thalon ($THL) and NFT collectibles. They begin by choosing to play in PvP or PvE game modes, selecting their preferred NFT battle units and upgrades - all while staying within the Power Points limit. A new match begins and the players start the process of mining resources to fund their base. The more resources they collect, the faster they expand their colony and begin creating combat units for battle. Matches typically last between 10-20 mins and a player has won once their opponent surrenders or all of their buildings are destroyed. The winning player is rewarded with a bounty box, where they have the option to pay a small fee to redeem the prize. Bounty box rewards will contain $THL tokens or one of the following NFT collectibles: 1. Battle unit - in-game assets (soldier, tank, aircraft etc). 2. Upgrade - in-game boosts that increase battle unit's properties (damage, armor, speed, range etc). 3. Land - an asset that players can customize and receive additional fee income. 4. Skins - unique appearance of buildings & units in-game. 5. Seasonal prize - rare skins, external partnership rewards, cosmetic land items and more.
Having numerous combinations of battle units and upgrades allows players to constantly refine which assets they take into battle until they have crafted the perfect strategy. This core game loop is simple, yet has the depth to make Thalon infinitely replayable.
Game Concept Art