'Harness the power of Thalon - an advanced, yet unstable energy source. Use it to develop and execute combat strategies for your colony to survive and thrive, in a turbulent and competitive landscape.'


Thalon is a free-to-play, classic real-time strategy (RTS) game set in a science-fiction world where players harvest resources, command armies, and battle for bounty rewards. A quick overview of Thalon includes:

  • Free-to-Play - no requirement to purchase assets prior to playing.

  • Fair Launch - no pre-sale of game NFTs, all NFTs are either in-game rewards or can be bought directly from players on the marketplace.

  • User-Generated Content - custom battle units, skins, and maps can be created by gamers and sold to other players directly.

  • NFT Interoperability - NFT game assets can be used across multiple titles.


Our mission is to accelerate the world’s Web3 adoption through engaging and fun games with digital ownership rights verified by blockchain technology. Thalon is a trilogy of interoperable titles, including RTS, City Builder & Tower Defence that span across both PC & Mobile.


  1. Creating fun, easy-to-learn, hard-to-master skill-based games - Our games are simple for new players to get started, feel confident in their progress, and learn the basic game functions. There is enough depth for more seasoned players to grow and an endless variety of strategies to discover.

  2. A seamless onboarding process for non-crypto players - Our onboarding process has been designed to eliminate all barriers to entry. This means that players are not required to purchase NFTs, create a wallet, or understand blockchain prior to playing.

  3. Building a sustainable economy - Thalon's economy has been modelled and reviewed by experienced game designers, developers, economists, and players to ensure long-term viability.


  • Game First - we believe in creating fun, addictive games that provide a high level of entertainment.

  • Community - we believe in developing Thalon in collaboration with the community and welcome their feedback on improvements to create a top NFT Gaming ecosystem.

  • Communication - we believe in direct, transparent and constructive communication.

  • Think Long Term - we believe in making decisions that give the best outcome for the project over the next 10+ years.

All information provided is currently a work in progress and may change as further developments are made. Project updates and changes are shared regularly through our official social platforms.

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