Game Overview


Thalon is a free-to-play game - there is no requirement to purchase the game or any asset prior to starting. Asking players to pre-purchase an asset raises the barrier to entry for crypto natives and effectively pushes away any traditional gamer.
When creating an account, players are given a free starter pack providing them with the necessary assets to begin playing. This starter pack contains entry-level battle units & upgrades. Users who do not own a land parcel will battle on another player's land. This ensures a smooth process from the player's first interaction with Thalon, to the beginning of their first match.

Game Modes

  • Battle Mode (PvE) - Players compete against an AI opponent, a great way for beginners to learn or for experienced players to hone their skills and strategy. As they win, they battle against an increasingly difficult opponent or can select a specific difficulty prior to entering the match.
  • Multiplayer Mode (PvP) - Players compete against similarly ranked opponents from around the world, or set up a lobby and play between friends. They choose to battle individually in a 1vs1 match, or as a team up to a capacity of eight players, in an epic 4vs4 match.


There are three factions that players choose from, Human, Android & Alien. All factions have a unique history and motive for wanting to attain the power of Thalon. Humans will be the first faction released, with Androids and Aliens going live the year following the official game launch. There is a diverse range of combat strategies within each faction. Holders can collect NFTs from all factions, but will only select one faction when entering a match.

Power Points

Our Power Points algorithm is used to grade the overall strength of a unit, balancing the various properties including but not limited to: damage, armor, range, speed & special ability. Before a match, each player selects a subset of units from their inventory to play with, providing the combined points do not exceed the agreed limit. Players can also play with fewer Power Points much like a handicap in golf, enabling players of varying abilities to compete against one another. Power Points are used to ensure a healthy game balance, regardless of which units or upgrades are taken into the match. This system is used to ensure there is no pay-to-win element.


There are three leagues, with Power Point restrictions ranging from low to medium to high. The league selected determines the total number of points a player is limited to when choosing their units prior to the match.

Battle Units

Battle units are the NFT collectibles that players use in-game, including soldiers, tanks, and aircrafts etc. Each of these units has a different capability of attacking:
  • ground units only.
  • air units only.
  • ground and air.
All battle unit NFTs have a level of rarity, graded either:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
The higher the unit is ranked in rarity, the more resources it requires to create in-game, and the lower the total supply of that unit will be, for example - soldier (Common) one of 10,000 and tank (Epic) one of 2,500.


Upgrades or Buffs are NFTs that are used in-game to increase one or more of a unit's attributes. They are graded with the same rarity as battle units, Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. During a match, these upgrades require resources and time at the research facility (in-game building) before the player can access the upgrade. Example - Common tank speed upgrade (increase speed +5) or Epic tank armor upgrade (increase armor +15).

Production Boosts

Production boosts are an optional in-game function, which increases the speed that miners gather resources. Players pay a small fee in $THL to access the boost, which lasts 60 seconds and can be used up to 3 times within the duration of a match. There is a five-minute cool down between each production boost.

Side Quests

Side quests are in-game adventures that randomly occur within a match. Both players are alerted to the quest and will appear in an undiscovered section on the mini-map. If they decide to follow the quest, they will encounter a creature protecting a relic. Once a player defeats the creature, they must bring the relic back to their main base to unlock its potential. The relic is made up of Epic or Legendary battle units and upgrades. These assets are only available to the player for the remainder of the match. A side quest for players can be a risky move, but if managed correctly, will provide a major advantage and surely lead them to victory.

Micro & Macro Management

Thalon is a classic real-time strategy game as opposed to turn-based. Micro management is the players ability to control their individual units when both attacking and defending. Macro management is the players ability to gather resources and effectiveness in expanding their base. Learning both micro and macro management is crucial in a player's growth and development.

Thalon Ranking System (TRS)

TRS is a player's experience points, which are accrued while playing in multiplayer mode (PvP). The value determines a player's skill level and will increase when winning and decrease when losing. TRS is used to ensure players are matched with opponents at a similar skill level and to keep a fair, competitive environment for everyone.

Bounty Box

Bounty boxes are offered as a reward to winning players in multiplayer mode (PvP). The players will be required to pay a one-off fee to open the box. If they choose not to redeem the prize they can pay again for a second chance draw. Bounty box rewards are battle units, upgrades, $THL tokens, land, skins, and seasonal prizes.


Skins are NFT collectibles. They create a unique appearance for player's in-game battle units and buildings. Owners select their preferred skin prior to entering a match, which will be seen by all those playing. Skins are cosmetic, they do not affect battle unit properties. Their purpose is to allow greater creativity for players in terms of their own experience and how they express their sense of style in-game.

User Generated Content

Landowners can customise their map and choose the layout, the terrain, resource dense areas and they can add rare cosmetic items. The unique map will be mirrored so their opponent can not play with an unfair disadvantage. The land modifications must be complete prior to entering a match and the higher the rarity of land someone owns, the more alterations they will be able to make.


Seasons are three-month time periods, where Thalon offers limited themes, prizes and rewards. Once a season is complete, the unique rewards will not be available again. Some examples include:
  • Leaderboard - a leaderboard and ranking of each player, with the top 20 taking a share in a previously announced prize pool. The leaderboards will reset at the conclusion of each season.
  • Skins - each season will bring a new, limited supply of unique skins for players to alter the appearance of their battle units and buildings in-game.
  • Cosmetic Land Items - new seasons will offer a range of cosmetic items which land owners can use in the customization of their land, such as statues, bunkers, terrain, weather and more.


Thalon has its own internal marketplace in which players can purchase, lease or sell Thalon NFT assets with other players. Battle units, upgrades, land and skins are available on the marketplace.


Interoperability is one of the most exciting future features yet to be fully developed in NFT Gaming. Any Thalon assets that are minted in-game or bought off the marketplace are fully functioning across all titles in the ecosystem (including land, battle units, upgrades, skins). Assets from other NFT games will be compatible with Thalon games through meaningful collaborations and the use of our Power Points rating system.