Unlike many NFT Games, land ownership is not required to play Thalon. Matches are based on our free-to-play model, meaning players without land can still play. Land parcels are compatible with our future City Builder and Tower Defence games and ownership has many benefits.

Land Supply & Rarity

Land is graded into four rarities, starting at Tier 1 and finishing with Tier 4. Tier 4 land has the lowest supply and therefore the highest rarity. Tier 1 - 40% (20,000) Tier 2 - 30% (15,000) Tier 3 - 20% (10,000) Tier 4 - 10% (5,000) Land has a maximum supply of 50,000.

Ownership Benefits

Owning land has multiple benefits including:

  1. Revenue Distribution - When staked, land owners receive a portion of revenue distribution.

  2. Bounty Box Fees - When a match is played on their map and a bounty box is claimed, the landowner will receive a percentage of the fee.

  3. Customisations - Landowners have access to make a variety of alterations on their map. Starting completely blank, players can develop the layout, terrain, resource dense areas, player starting points, weather (fog, wind, rain), adding NPCs and other seasonal cosmetic items.

Higher Tiered Land

Owning a higher-tiered land parcel has many advantages including:

  1. Customisations - Higher-tiered land allows holders to make more customisations to their map.

  2. Revenue Distribution - Higher-tiered land will receive a greater return in revenue distribution.

  3. Battle Units & Upgrades - Higher-tiered land gives players a greater chance of receiving rare assets.

  4. Bounty Box Fees - Higher-tiered land receives a higher percentage of the bounty box claim fee. Players with a high-tiered custom map will attract more players to use their land. The more people playing on the land, the more bounty box claim fees they will receive.

Initial Land Sale

Thalon will have an initial sale of land parcels, all with Tier 1 rarity. Making the decision to only sell Tier 1 land prior to game launch ensures we give everyone within the ecosystem an equal opportunity from day 1. With a fair launch, Thalon looks to be inclusive for everyone and avoids giving any in-game advantages to only those who can afford higher rarity assets.

Upgrading Land

Players can upgrade their land and as mentioned above will receive more benefits with higher-tiered land. In order to upgrade land from Tier 1 --> Tier 2 for example, the owner is required to:

  • Pay a fee in $THL.

  • Have a certain number of matches played on the map.

  • Have a certain amount of bounty boxes claimed on the map.

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